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Tea literature

Post  ellian on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:49 am

Infused tea with boiled water, brewed one more times, and they sink and float once more. After that, dragon well tea leaves release their fragrance, smelling like spring rain, summer sunshine, autumn wind, and winter frost. We, ordinary man, are just like the longjing tea, arenít we? Those who havenít gone through storms, live silently, like weak tea suspending in the warm water. And they will never spread their scent of life and wisdom. While those who have experienced many setbacks and frustrations, sink and float time and time again, like infused tea with boiled water, diffusing its aroma.

We are a cup of life tea, arenít we? And destiny is a pot of hot water or boiled water, isnít it?longjing Tea leaves emit their scent because of hot water, while life release its beauty just because of setbacks and frustrations once more.

During our life journey, anything will not become forever. Only those bitter and happiness in the process will be the most beautiful flowers in our lives. Sinking and floating stages are the most splendid and glorious sections in the whole life, and if one hasnít undergone the up and down, he is bound to be a failure. The up and down is the true essence of life, and the continuance of humanís civilization. Taking a panoramic view of the humanís history, it is a sinking and floating history. Glossary and perish time and time again, make todayís civilization. During the sinking and floating, mankind have stepped forward, develop, and civilized. In other words, without innumerable sinking and floating, mankind may became extinct long ago. Mankind is a kind of wisdom animal, adjusting themselves to the environment.


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