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Auto light

Post  una on Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:09 am

A good friend of mine right here owns a auto tuning business.

He saw my Juke and recommended which i alter the gentle bulbs to blue/white bulbs.

30 mins later on and OMG!!!!

My facet lights in the dim lookup "pure evil"!

My head lights are nearly like Xenon. Bright, potent and white, on top of that to the bulbs are blue, and while you lookup at the auto using the lights off, they reflect blue.

LED bulbs in my amount plate lights. appears AMAZING!

and unique bulbs in my facet indicators. They lookup blacl by method of the reflectors, but when flashing they undoubtedly are a deep orange which appears great.

Front indicator bulbs are these blue bulds ans reflect blue in the direction of the reflectors, but orange once they flash.

All these bulbs lookup amazing in the direction of the dim metal Grey.


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