why most of people choose led bulb?

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why most of people choose led bulb?

Post  una on Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:50 am

Everybody wants to know: What's the advantage of Led light? How I can save energy by replacing light bulbs? And how can i get if i use Led light in house?So do i also need to make large investments to make Led work at my house.

Led is abreviation of words "Light Emitting Diode".Each led bulb has several small leds.

This is the place where You start to think so how the smaller Led light bulbs be better than my one solid 60W incandescent bulb, that I have used and replaced for years now.
1.Low energy consumption is one of the better advantages of Led light than Incandescent and Halogen lighting. Most common used Incandescent bulbs varies somewhere between 40 - 100 watts, where the halogen lighting uses 10 - 50 watts energy of the led lighting at house use energy 3 - 10 watts,so you know how led bulbs save energy .
2.Next thing why prefer led light than other light at house is what the long lifetime of the bulbs. Average lifetime of led bulb may be than 50000 hours or about 15-20 years. May turn out shorter if You like sleeping with Your lights on.Can You imagine how many incandescent or halogen light bulbs You will need to replace within that period.

Have You noticed when you switch on the incandescent or halogen light they would tend to warm up quite long. And You will get the needed brighter light only after some time. One of the advantages of Led light is that it achieves full brightness instantly. You needn't to sit and wait for light to warm up until You could read a book or do something. Long warm up period is equalized to halogen light. Incandescent in that case is just strangely orangy/yellow.so you know,the led light needn't to be waited for lighting to warm up.

If we now come to conclusion of the above said. If Your bulb at house stopped working and trying to replace it with another Led bulb. It wont take much from You. Who knows maybe You'll remember what I said and begin liking the led lighting. Remember that Led lighting at house is saving energy with long lifetime and gives You wonderful good brightness instantly. If You're more interested in Led lighting then there are also various shapes and colors, dimmable versions of led lightbulbs , all kinds of energy output and so on.


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