The growth of the coastal areas of labor costs in China

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The growth of the coastal areas of labor costs in China

Post  lezhitianxia on Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:06 am

The charger can be provided for this kind of Car Booster .
Chinese domestic cell phone manufacturers the one hand, the increase in the size of the continuous expansion of production capacity; the other hand, as China's cell phone industry, the "threshold" of the lower, the multinational companies to speed up its cell phone production to China and other low-cost regions, to increase low-end market development, domestic cell phone brand in the production costs, management costs and distribution costs and other aspects of competitive advantage increasingly weakened, so that further intensified competition in domestic cell phone market, making more and more cell phone manufacturers into the throat price competition , it is difficult to enhance the core competitiveness. Price competition and the number of domestic cell phone enterprises have taken a single industry price competition strategy has resulted in a negative net rate of serious losses. Which in turn make the phone companies can not afford to technical research and development, resulting in lack of core technology, new product development, lack of overall competitiveness is increasingly weak. The suitable cell booster will act better.They pointed out that China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the occasion was not to be optimistic about China's cell phone manufacturing industry, after the initial pain of the "parody", at present, not only engulfed the world's leading foreign brands, the anti-in finding a place adversity, or provide a reference for other industries. "Bird shares," one told Reuters that "the current domestic cell phone appearance design, product quality is not much worse than the imported brands, and the choice of domestic cell phone customer base is also increasing, estimated that the domestic cell phone market share is expected to rise to 50%. "China Ministry of Information Industry statistics show that, as of December 2002, domestic brands in the domestic cell phone market share has been 14.13% by the end of 2001 rose to exceed 30%. The hot-sell cell booster is of the super high quality.
Ningbo Bird, which ranks among the top three market share of more than 10%. Securities telecom analyst Ping Lu Tao pointed out that 1.3 billion people, China has bred a great market opportunities, as China's economic strength and national income increased, showed a rapid rise in cell phone penetration rate trend. In many cell phone brand of choice, the domestic cell phone with quality improvement and a strong advertising strategy to impress consumers. Estimated that the share of domestic cell phone market is expected to rise to 50%. The combined securities industry analyst Jiang Chuanning predicts, domestic cell phone market share this year is expected to reach 35-40%. The company is going to carry out the price-off sales of cell booster .


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