Closest to the way of the network card is a BP module

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Closest to the way of the network card is a BP module

Post  lezhitianxia on Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:58 pm

A discrete devices ( Antenna Booster ). Part of the BP device CPU, memory, power management, wireless transceiver, power amplifier, and so on, as the bulk device assembly practice, known as discrete devices. So the customer can conveniently charge the battery of cell phone booster .
cell phone booster owns the special design which is the internal antenna
BP part of the Palm Pre, is the practice of discrete devices such as shown in Figure 10.1, [1]. Interesting is the Palm Pre, the BP portion of the AP part, were assembled in a different circuit board. This approach, unlike the Moto Droid and iPhone 3GS, see the previous chapter in Figure 9.6 mobile physical map, and the logical structure of Figure 9.5 Figure. Moto Droid logically belong to BP device, and belong to the AP device, all assembled in the same piece of circuit board. IPhone 3GS, although the AP and BP of the device assembled with a circuit board, but the isolation became a different shield regions. After connecting the host of cell phone booster to the charger, the battery will charge.
Different assembly of discrete devices, thermal, seismic, weight and appearance will have some impact. Various manufacturers consider these factors when the focus is different, resulting in each chose a different assembly. BP module. Closest to the way of the network card is a BP module. The BP module is very convenient. In the design of the circuit board, design the appropriate interface, in most cases is the miniPCI interface. At the time of manufacture only should be purchased to complete BP module, insert the appropriate interface can be. This approach is very convenient, but a convenient price is the cost, usually 3G BP module is priced at more than 100 U.S. dollars. Familiar with the BP internal structure of thick handset manufacturers, technology accumulation. The GPS cell phone booster can be carried away easily and hidden very conveniently.
Most do not have the BP module, but the choice of low cost, but the technical difficulty of discrete devices way. However, for other mobile devices, such as e-book (eBook), taking into account the time of the first to enter the market as new products, more important than cost. And as a speculative attempt to stage the expectations of the sales is not high. In addition, the money Famennian of the eBook is selling content, rather than the device itself. Perhaps in deference to these three factors, Amazon's e-books, the Kindle 1 & 2, Barns & Noble e-books, the Nook, the use of all BP module approach to solve the demand for mobile Internet [2,3,4]. There are two versions of Amazon Kindle 2.


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