which is the main material supply suppliers

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which is the main material supply suppliers

Post  lezhitianxia on Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:55 pm

In addition, the biggest difference between the CO2 signal can not be used quartz optical fiber transmission, only through the cumbersome articulated arm light guide, Cell Phone Antenna Booster ; pulses using the holmium signal optical transmission is an effective tool to eliminate and combustion erosion of hard calcified cartilage and other tissue. With the challenging CO2 signal called holmium signal, of holmium signal surgery to replace the CO2 signal some. The surface of the resin directly into a hole of the process method. Types: using the signals Signal drilling into the hole of the substrate is the use of the inner plate in the resin-coated copper foil laminate, then all of the copper foil removed by etching, can be used carbon dioxide signal directly at the exposed surface of the resin holes to processing, and then continue in accordance with the process of the plated through hole.
The subsequent process of coating the photosensitive resin laminate of copper foil production. Pressed against the production process, using a dry film, the dielectric layer and the copper foil. Other types of copper overburden pressure law process to produce temperature and film coatings. Ultra-thin copper foil direct ablation process. The inner pressure of the core of the resin coated copper foil paste coated on both sides, and then the black oxide process. Its basic principle is the strong absorbance of the black surface of the anodic oxidation treatment under the premise of the the CO2 signal beam energy can be directly into the hole in the surface of the ultra-thin copper foil with a resin. Of course, the material can be used to back up the copper type tear the foil is a fairly about 5 microns reservation, according to the processing of this type of plate, is currently in the process, take the following aspects, which is the main material supply suppliers, with strict quality and technical specifications, in order to ensure the thickness of the dielectric layer is in the difference between 510 μm, and only in order to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the resin-coated copper foil substrate of the media under the same signal energy in order to ensure that the through-precision and a hole in the bottom of a clean.
The biggest feature of the drilling of this type of signal is copper clad laminate of the ultraviolet region of the spectrum, coupled with such a signal point of light energy, which may be a strong penetration of copper foil, glass fiber cloth into the hole. Hot due to the type of signal, the follow-up process in the wall of the hole to provide a good surface treatment.
Welding using this technique does not damage the workpiece surface, localized heating of the reduction of the thermal stress of the plastic member, the embedded electronic component, in order to avoid damage, and to better avoid the plastic melt.


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