High Quality Signal Booster foreign experts are skillful

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High Quality Signal Booster foreign experts are skillful

Post  lezhitianxia on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:39 am

High Quality Signal Booster foreign experts are skillful.
The commonly used method the phosphate film coverage and the auxiliary signals irradiation and other methods, the first two applications more widely. Phosphide is through the surface of the workpiece, to form a phosphate chemical conversion coating process, chemical or electrochemical reaction, the formation of the phosphate chemical conversion coating film is called the phosphate coating, which consists of the phosphate coating, a manganese phosphate, zinc phosphate , phosphate, and iron. The purpose of the metal phosphide in the past is to provide protection of the base metal, and to a certain extent, in order to prevent metal corrosion; primer, in order to improve the adhesion and the film underlying corrosion-resistant ability; from the cold process mount a metal cutting . In the signal in the hardening process, the purpose of the formation of the phosphate film is to improve the energy absorption rate of the metal surface. However, the protocol will also have some drawbacks of phosphoric acid: phosphoric workpiece signal after treatment, there will be micro-cracks in the surface; the phosphate signaling after treatment, the increase in surface roughness of the surface, and some of the components, the use of environmental signals quenching limit, the coating must be phosphating film to clean, but very difficult to remove for cleaning or removing.
More representative of the black paint and oxides. The absorption rate of quenching is easily removed. However, for large-scale automated production need to solve the following problem: find a suitable absorbing coating, how other surface to be treated uniform coating coverage, how automatic spraying. Phone signal boosters foreign experts is not enough skilled, independent checks. Due to the signal, such as heating, may be the maximum temperature reached in the inner surface of the outside of the processing is different, so there are very different depth of the tissue properties, but, even if the same signal processing parameters, processing and performance of different materials different. However, from a macro perspective, outside to inside the hardened layer can be divided into three areas: a solid-state phase transition zone, a transition zone and the substrate. Quenching process, the heat absorbed by the solid phase transition region, the highest temperature of the intersection point above the critical temperature of the austenite, quenching full, this is the content and hardness of the martensite in the generally higher layer is also high; transition temperature the region is relatively low, therefore, the phase change is not complete, but in the low "or in the matrix of the martensite content is almost original tissue hardness is still the original hardness the corresponding organization after quenching hardness distribution typical curve shown in Figure 4-5 on the inner surface of the outer of transactions. skilled experts cell phone signal boosters approved inspection report and even the performance of the new organizational structure of ultra dispersed phase, amorphous equal ; signal cladding process is easy to implement automated production, the quality and stability of the coating.


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