where the backhaul infrastructure has been upgraded

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where the backhaul infrastructure has been upgraded

Post  lezhitianxia on Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:47 am

In other major cities, where the backhaul infrastructure has been upgraded mobile wireless situation is slightly different, is simply too many people trying to access the service at the same time, using the same radio spectrum is limited. LTE has promised to address these problems through the use of more efficient wireless modulation technique in these areas. However, I can not help but think that in these large markets, will be similar to the transfer of sand. Initially, the plus Wireless explosive demand, we need a new approach to address the growing demand for bandwidth. I believe that will be the ultimate savior of the wireless service provider, will be low-cost, low-power pico and femto cells. In next-generation mobile network, it will enter the ground, and returns to the fiber optic network as soon as possible is important to obtain a wireless communication, thereby reducing the load on the air transmission tower.Wireless range expander to expand the coverage of the wireless signal, but it can also work to speed up the Internet connection.
In addition to helping website load faster, most of the booster design to help other online features. An example of this feature is to get e-mail program, the the Internet boosters will accelerate this process. This feature will be beneficial to all laptop users, especially those who regularly receive large files via e-mail. In addition to this function, it is believed that the Internet turbocharger will help to reduce the occurrence of the wireless network is disconnected. Therefore, this feature will help those who are using the laptop to connect wireless Internet users.
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