The basic form of the illustrated low-pass filter

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The basic form of the illustrated low-pass filter

Post  lezhitianxia on Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:15 am

The output of the amplifier, participation of the reflected high-frequency transmission power of the transmission signal is rectified to obtain a DC level of the size of the sampling circuit. This level is compared with a reference level from the power control logic circuitry to compare, and outputs control signals to control the amplifier's bias power supply circuit, in order to control the power supply purposes. Phone boosters with car charger and a directional antenna.
The pin 7 is the power control of the output pin, 8 feet from the base end side of the base level of the power control in order to achieve power control. Section III move the circuit analysis of the frequency synthesizer in a modern mobile communication, often requires that the system be able to provide sufficient channel, the mobile station can be changed according to the system frequency of their work to be controlled. This need to provide a plurality of channel frequency signal, using a plurality of oscillators is unrealistic. The black flashes to indicate the location of the cell phone boosters persists, but it is not based on the control rights. A low pass filter in the frequency synthesizer loop, also called a loop filter.
This is an RC circuit. The basic form of the illustrated low-pass filter circuit between the phase detector and the VCO circuit. Low pass filter capacitor through a resistor to set the appropriate parameters, the high frequency components are filtered out.Low leakage or component failure caused by high current. Such as mobile phones have tens of milliamps of power leakage, although not affect the use, but shorten the standby time of the battery, a power supply voltage can be improved repair, the increase in leakage current, the hands or face, lips, heat-sensitive components to find the damage to the heating element The heating element, ccan also be used to manufacture components are coated with a layer of white fog, to observe the body disappears before the electrical component after fog layer, that is, the heat generating member.


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