Sudden rain

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Sudden rain

Post  slina on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:10 am

Yesterday or the sun is shining today, still hazy morning sleep, hear the sound of rain outside of DDD, it closed the window to sleep. The big point in the rain like you can not go to work, the results still have to get up early to work. After getting busy for the pieces of red polo Ralph Lauren pas cher, Accessories jeans, go downstairs to eat, then go to work early in the ride.
Came to the company more than ten minutes ahead of time to work, I am ready to work, installed a glass of water and then began to work, weekend orders did not get that done, I print out the order first, and then start my normal work. Colleague, and discussion from the weekend happy time. I began to say she spoke of polo Ralph Lauren shirt .. and all of a blow I have money, can buy less expensive clothes, I am ashamed to death, it is not someone else sent me. After we are very envious over the pages to explain to me and said that pieces of ralph Lauren shirt like custom-made specifically for me.
I am secretly pleased when one of our customer service told me that today we have orders for, ah, we have recently polo Ralph Lauren ok for a single station it is also good, we must continue to refuel.


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