Zhihua WA24 Cell Phone Jammer Product Instruction (Continued)

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Zhihua WA24 Cell Phone Jammer Product Instruction (Continued)

Post  ellian on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:11 am

4 Packing List of Cell Phone Jammer

Check the following in the packing box after opening it:

a. 1 jammer

b. 1 piece of operational instruction

c. 1 piece of power supply line

d. 4 pieces of antennae

e. product certificate

f. Please inquire any time any nonconformance is found.

5. Main Technical Performance Index of Cellular Phone Jammer The equipment conforms to the international standard of national related industry.

6. Reliability and Safety Description of Using Cell Phone Jammer

The technology adopted by the project is mastered by the company with experimental data for the key technology. Hence, the technology can be ensured. The related unit authenticates the technical results of the project to meet the related industry standard.

7.1 Installation Procedure and Method of Cell Phone Jammer

7. Installation and Using Description of mobile phone jammer 7.1.1 Get the main machine of the jammer out of the packing box.

7.1.2 Insert the antennae respectively into their own antennae sockets.

7.1.3 The best height is 180cm when hanging the main machine on the wall.


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