This is the central nervous system of the cell phone

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This is the central nervous system of the cell phone

Post  lezhitianxia on Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:10 pm

This is the central nervous system of the Cellular Signal Booster and is located inside the casing. Improper operation is a rarely reported problem as processors are built to last.A mini removable memory device designed to store data. This card attaches to the phone. A common problem is that it can be lost or damaged when not attached.Motherboard that integrates various accessories and components of the cell phone. Located inside the phone and failure to connect intended items would be a sometimes reported issue.Best and most popular headset on the market. Built to last but problems with microphone and earpiece functionality can occur.A digital camera can be part of the internal drive of the phone. It is operated using controls on the touch pad. Driver issues preventing proper operation may occur.Slot on side of the phone where cable can be connected to transfer digital files to and from the phone. Blockages of dust and debris might occur.Accessory shaped like a pen used to touch the phone pad. The purpose is to prevent smudges and fingerprint smears. The only things that can go wrong with it are that they may end up snapped or lost.A gravity sensor inside the phone designed to present landscape or portrait images on the screen. Problems with the G-sensor could lead to distorted screen images.There are more and more people relying on cell phone technology to manage everything from their daily schedules to their conference calls. However, this increased reliance on cellular devices brings with it an increased concern about the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on their users. Electromagnetic radiation is the energy that emits from many electrical devices and is known to cause neurological issues.
Many of the concerns about health stem from the proximity of cellular telephone base stations and antenna arrays to residential neighborhoods. There is evidence that proximity to cell phone technology can increase the incidence of headache, rash, depression, and sleep disorders. More alarmingly, there is evidence of an increased incidence of cancer and other neurophysiological problems as well. The culprit blamed for these unusual health concerns is exposure to EMR. The effect of electromagnetic radiation on mobile phone users has not been adequately studied; in fact, the most comprehensive research done on the subject was funded by the cell phone technology industry and therefore flawed from its inception.
Cellular devices, unlike other devices that emit EMR, are excluded from testing by the FDA because the amount of radiation emitted is considered low. Of course, the amount of EMR emitted by these phones is only considered low when compared to something like a microwave, whose emissions are high enough to cause them to be banned in some places. However, because cellular devices are stored near or on the body and because they are held to the temple area of the head for long periods of time, what electromagnetic radiation is emitted to cell phone users is directly in contact with the cell phone user. lol!


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