The cheapest bulb in world

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The cheapest bulb in world

Post  una on Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:47 pm

why are they so expensive? And are they going to get more and more cheaper at anytime soon? Fast Company magazine recently analyzed the technology behind LED bulbs and showed why the producing process is such a costly one.

What they discovered through an analysis of the materials? labor and parts was that turning an LED into a light bulb requires the collection of some pretty technologies. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Parts on the circuit board is often installed by hand because it is still too complicated for factory machines.

The actual LED wafer can cost as much as $8 a unit.

The brightest LEDs generate blue light. So in order to get the more natural white glow, manufacturers typically coat the bulb with yellow phosphor, an expensive rare earth metal compound imported from China.

In addition,leds require the use of drivers to convert energy into electrical current. This component alone can cost up to $4.

Although LEDs burn cooler than Edison bulbs, they still need a conducting material for heat dissipation. The aluminum used to accomplish this can cost as much as $3.


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