There have even been cases that the telephones

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There have even been cases that the telephones

Post  lezhitianxia on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:10 am

If they have a "live chat" application on their website but it's
always offline, that's also a red flag. Telephone numbers that don't
exist, or ones that are always answered by answering machines, Mobile Signal Booster
. There have even been cases that the telephones were answered by
pretending-to-be traders, but the service was totally unreliable. So,
even human contact is no guarantee for performance or anything else at
all. The only guarantee is to have a chance to see real results with a
completely free trial subscription, before you even pay a single cent.
Additionally, beware of sites offering life-time subscriptions for a
one-time fee, because they probably don't plan on being around for too
long. If they did, they would stick to the regular subscriptions and
wouldn't offer a lifetime of service for the price of a few months of
subscription. And if you see Google advertisements on a signals-service
website, then something is not right. If you think about it, they are
trading the financial markets, they are selling monthly subscriptions
too, and then they are looking to make an extra $0.03 from
advertisements? Your common sense can protect you, or can at least alert
you to these situations. Also, if you see websites that look like one
single extremely long page full of "proof" and reasons why you should
buy anything including a signal service, that's a sales pitch, not a
website, so protect yourself and run away. Or if you come across any
meaningless guarantees, like "we guarantee more winners than losers"
etc, be careful. These tricks are so obvious to an experienced trader,
but to the newcomer they might not be.Forex signal service provides
price action that set off market entry, exit, or any other intra-trade
adjustment on the basis of technical indicators. Forex signal service
providers are either brokers or professional traders or some market
It is always advisable to subscribe to one of such forex signal
services, as you need not to spend time in monitoring the market round
the clock. Forex trading signal providers help you in minimizing risks
or losses in trading. But it is important that you understand the logic
behind the signals. Then only you will be able to take the complete
advantage of such signaling services.
There are forex signal service providers who offer their assistance in
return of a small subscription. Many automated forex trading platform
however offer free signal services to their customers. The purpose of
the forex trading signals is to make informed decision for the trading. A
mix and match of various signals provides a full proof trading strategy
to gauge the right direction of the market.The Forex signals service
providers analyze several factors responsible for the movement of the
market. The signals indicate the buying and selling time of the
different currencies which are traded in the forex market. The signals
are calculated and generated by using different indicators such as
trends, moving average, Elliott waves, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci
series, etc.
Forex signal service providers send you alerts when the conditions are
right for the trade. They use cutting-edge technology based software,
which constantly monitor all major currency pairs for generating
technical indicators.


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