This mobile phone booster with remote control function

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This mobile phone booster with remote control function

Post  lezhitianxia on Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:58 am

The engineer is the cell phone booster test data table. Generally, the the former mainly test filter battery is bad, and a welding hand?? Electronic components on the board, which is mainly found in these areas due to the wrong logical phone, normal power, clock circuits, software solutions. Field strength signal constantly beating, can not be called to determine fault in a transmission channel, the players remove the amplifier, if a kind of way, we must strive to rise, but not up. Determine the transmission signal interference caused no emissions. Increase the antenna switch circuit inductance troubleshooting interference.
This mobile phone booster with remote control function. Good install cell phone boosters, can improve the shielding effect. Some of the amplifier circuit, the highest failure rate, especially in the highest failure rate of the amplifier, the transmitter maintenance is critical. Transmitter failure rate: power amplifier, antenna switch, shielding and interference, logic control signals and power. Manual search command to find fault in the transmission network, the network is the first part of the maintenance of the network card settings, if there is no tyranny of the network reception problems.
Network to determine the point of failure from the start to find the main current. The phone boosters application specific solvent washing. Network failure, can not find the network, ask the owner, the reason for this failure is dropped, then the power is turned on, found no net current antenna switch carefully observe the virtual welding, welding antenna switch, troubleshooting. No network signal bars appear on the screen to determine the fault where the transmitter circuit, replace the amplifier, as usual. The cell phone booster system can automatically alarm If abnormal cell phone booster system work. General damage to the battery or charging circuit fault detection. Workers check the phone boosters structure. There are series voltage-side plug charging circuit, the charging control circuit, the common tail short, the capacitor charging circuit GFCI. Forced excitation test machine and charging rechargeable regulated power supply. Most commercial-grade digital camera white balance adjustment function. As mentioned earlier, the white balance of the environmental light are closely related, therefore, start using flash white balance features will be restricted, or changes in ambient light so that the white balance invalidate or interfere with normal white balance.


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